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Introduction to Freemasonry and Initiation

Having been first introduced to Freemasonry many years ago via my fathers and grandfathers lodge events, I recently decided to make enquiries about membership and have now been initiated. This is the story of my Masonic journey to date.

Having reached 42, I was reacquainted with an old student of mine that had mentioned various references in conversation relating to masonry. I never really thought anything about it, but eventually asked him myself about masonry and told him about my family’s history of masonry. My ex student is considerably younger than myself and I did notice that he had developed a very mature and diplomatic attitude for his age.

With this in mind I started to research masonry and found that one of its aims was to make good men even better, through teaching and the use of tools. I was also intrigued by the history of masonry and all the famous people who had been involved in Freemasonry. This started a passion for wanting to learn more.

Eventually I decided to approach my ex student and enquired about joining the lodge where he was a member. He enquired at the lodge on my behalf, and eventually I met with other members and had an interview. At my interview I was asked various questions and all the people I met at my interview were friendly and supportive. The interview was a success and I felt a great sense of achievement already!

After the interview a few months went past and I heard nothing. I was reassured that I would not be forgotten and things would be happening in the ‘background’. This gave me reassurance and during these months I did more Masonic research and even visited the United Grand Lodge of England in London. Visiting London gave me more opportunities to ask questions about masonry and its charitable commitments and ethics.

Eventually, I was invited to the first official meeting where I would be initiated and become a mason. I remember feeling very nervous and frustrated as I did not know what was going to happen. During the meeting everyone was once again very supportive and reassuring. I really did enjoy the initiation and was guided and supported by all members who attended that evening.  It did however, take a little time for me to digest and appreciate what I had experienced, but I also started to feel proud of myself. It also gave me a sense of well being that I could now actively start to participate in Masonic activities and officially call myself a mason.

Since my initiation I have contributed and assisted with other official meetings. My wife has also attended a lodge social event and she also remarked to me, about how friendly everyone was during the evening. I have also attended various lodge of instruction meetings, were I have started to develop new friendships with other members and learn more about masonry. Currently, I am due to complete my second degree towards the end of this year.

I intend to write about more about my Masonic journey at a later date, when I have progressed through my second degree. I am sure I will reflect on these and future words in years to come and recall many happy and enjoyable Masonic experiences.

Bro Richard Scott (Royston Lodge 4304, Hertfordshire)

Bro. Richard Scott

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