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Taking my 2nd degree

The day came for my second degree. I remember waking up in the morning and doing my daily jobs around the house. I kept busy during the day, but had constant thoughts of the evening ahead. I didn’t feel as nervous as I had before my first degree, as this time I knew the majority of people who would be present that evening. This was because I had practiced numerous times at Lodge of Instruction on Monday evenings and been helped by the friends I had made over the previous year. My wife did remark during the day about me talking to myself! But that was just to reassure myself as every mason does.
I started to get ready early as I didn’t want to rush and wanted to be totally calm when I was picked up by one of my fellow masons. Around four thirty my friend arrived. My wife wished me good luck and I got in the car. On the journey to the lodge my friend was very reassuring and told me to enjoy myself. We also talked about various other Masonic subjects as we are both very eager to progress.

We arrived at the lodge, parked the car and went inside. I remember looking at the floor and saying to myself, “it will be fine, you know everyone, and nobody will laugh or humiliate you.” I also thought I am here now so no going back! We entered the room and I was greeted by familiar faces, everyone reassuring me and telling me everything will be fine, enjoy it.

I had a drink and paced up and down muttering to myself and reassuring myself of what I was about to participate in. I looked up a few times and faces looked back at me with reassuring words and humor. I wanted to get everything correct and knew I could do it as I had prepared myself over the last year.

I do remember not feeling too nervous, which is not my nature. However, I did not want to be over confident.

The second degree went very well and everyone participated. I do remember listening more as I felt at ease. Afterwards, everyone congratulated me with smiles and words of encouragement. I felt like a ‘super star’ inside and had a great sense of well being about what I had just achieved. I was now officially on the ‘second step’ of my Masonic career!

The meal we had afterwards was thoroughly enjoyable. I do remember feeling a little mentally exhausted and had to catch myself at various times to avoid staring into space. During the meal I was congratulated more and explained to others how I was feeling. I was aware that others at the table were ‘keeping an eye on me’ to make sure I was ok. All of them had done the degree I had just been involved in, some many years ago.

I returned home that evening and made conversation with my wife about the evening. My mind was still very active and I still felt excited. I did not go to bed until 1am.

I awoke in the morning feeling refreshed with a great sense of well being that I had now ‘done it’, which made me smile to myself inwardly. Again, thinking to myself that I am now on the second step of my Masonic career.

So, now onto my third degree, which I am sure I will enjoy even more than my second degree. I still plan to practice my third degree during the lodge of instruction, as attending has given me great confidence and reassurance that I am amongst great friends and masons.

The next time I write my thoughts will be after my third degree, which at this time of writing has not been given a date……………..


Bro Richard Scott (Royston Lodge 4304, Hertfordshire)

Bro. Richard Scott

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