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My first year as a freemason

Having now attended more LOI meetings, I feel that I now understand the underpinning principles of Freemasonry. During the last year I have participated at LOI and engaged in various activities that make a lodge function. This includes understanding the roles that various people undertake, I have also contributed to discussions and decisions made within the lodge.
I have been helped considerably by other members in the last year and have asked many questions regards Masonic progression and structure. All of my questions were answered in a format that was easy to understand and comprehend. The questions I did ask have generated an interest in new areas of masonry that I wish to pursue, once I am qualified.

One thing I have noticed now is that LOI is structured around members who attend and their requirements and needs. Recently, I actually attempted to undertake an officer’s role at LOI which I found very exciting; this also helped me to understand and start to learn the role of a more advanced member than myself.

I have also been practicing parts of my second degree and found it very useful in promoting my own self confidence. I am also supported by other members in attendance during the evening when practicing. With this confidence in mind, I recently volunteered to participate in an official event in November.

Whenever I want to practice at LOI, all I have to do is ask and I am accommodated during the evening. My friendship with other members is now developing as a result of LOI and I now feel much more confident in attending on a regular basis.

As a summary to my first year in Masonry, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed myself.  Albeit, I still have much to learn, I feel that I am applying Masonic principles to everyday life situations and people who I encounter.

Bro Richard Scott (Royston Lodge 4304, Hertfordshire)

Bro. Richard Scott

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